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Electrician Singapore & Quality Electrical Services

At Electrician Singapore, we are committed to providing quality service to customers islandwide. You can feel confident calling us, knowing that our officially licensed electricians will treat you, your family, and your property with the respect and attention to safety you deserve. Electrical problems are hazardous and must be corrected immediately. We fully understand all your electrical problems and are well equipped and capable of solving them all.

All our electrical works are to the standards of the Singapore government at Electrician Singapore, and all our electricians possess the basic Electricial Technician's License as required by the Energy Market Authority(EMA). Rest assured knowing that our electricians are fully certified and devoted to the highest ethical and legal standards to fully attend to your electrical needs wherever you are in Singapore.

Our electricians are available daily including Sundays and Public holidays to assist you with our professional electrician services in Singapore.  We deliver the most comprehensive electrical services including installation, upgrade, and repair solutions. We also provide electrical contractors to help with any large scale projects. Whether it's fixing a ceiling fan or installing your lighting systems, we provide expert responsive handling of all your needs, residential or commercial. Our electricians are available at all times at all places wherever you are.

Your complete satisfaction with our electricians and electrical services is 100% guaranteed. Electrician Singapore's on-time guarantee is one of the best in the country and since our electricians are experts in their craft, your expectations and needs are always met and exceeded. Electrical problems no longer need to be a constant worry for you and your family.

Services we provide at Electrician Singapore include:

  • Rewiring of household 
  • Installation of electrical sockets, Cable TV/SCV points 
  • Electrical panel servicing 
  • Maintenance of fuses, circuit breakers and switches. 
  • Installation of water heaters and ceiling fans 
  • Replacing or relocating lights and/or sockets 
  • Reparation of faulty power points 
  • Blackouts or power failure